Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mixology Monday, April 2014: Temperance

....ain't it gorgeous out? We should do something about that.

Welcome to April's edition of Mixology Monday. Scott of Shake, Strain & Sip is back again as our host (last spring he also hosted the From Crass to Craft theme). Spring Fever must be going around because he throws MxMo a real curveball: Temperance!
While many of us today think of overly sweet and unimaginative uses of fruit juice combinations when we hear of nonalcoholic beverages, there is a growing resurgence and movement of creating real craft “mocktails” in cocktail bars around the world.  With there being more exotic and unique ingredients available to us then ever before, there are an abundance of innovative spiritless libations being developed today.  Believe it or not, there’s actually a company that produces non-alcoholic versions of rum, vodka, brandy, and a number of other faux spirits and liqueurs.

As such, this month’s theme challenges you to create unique craft “mocktails” only limited by your imagination.  Perhaps you have an abundance of that homemade lavender syrup sitting in your fridge?  Maybe you’ve been thinking about creating a non-alcoholic version of your favorite cocktail.  Or maybe you just wanted an excuse to mix up an Angostura Phosphate you saw in Imbibe.  Oh yes, non-potable bitters are fair game here since they are legally classified as nonalcoholic in the states.  However, if the Teetotalist inside of you won’t allow it, you can go without them.  Cheers!
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The lady in white tights, did you see?
The lass with violets on her hat? A rose in her hand?
My, she was a dainty thing, strolling out from Mass on her way to tea.
I hear all the boy's'chewin mint, the only way they can get fresh with'er.
Har! Those white legs always come round in the end.

Combining the tastes of the Victorian Era, by way of France and the Mediterranean, with the best of the month of May and the Run for the Roses, here's the prettiest Arnold Palmer you ever did see.

Miss May
4 oz triple-brewed violet tea, chilled
2 tsp orgeat
1/2 oz Fentiman's rose lemonade
mint and a candied violet, and mini-rosebuds if you're lucky

Brew the tea ahead of time, with half a pod of black cardamom granules per quart; permitting to rest and chill in the fridge for a day will help bring out that subtle spice.

When ready to mix, combine tea, orgeat and rose lemonade in a mixing glass, no ice, and stir to dissolve the syrup.

Layer pebbled ice and spanked/chopped mint in a rocks glass to 3/4 full (a few mini-rosebuds would also be pretty here). Pour your mixture into the glass. Garnish with a mint sprig and a candied violet.

Hints of rose and mint perk up the predominant violet, with lemon putting a shine on the tea's astringency. Cardamom punctuates a sweet tea fade and creamy legs of almond come 'round on the finish.

A virgin tea-based spin on the rose julab and the May classic Mint Julep, with some complimentary flavors thrown in for good measure.

Cheers to Scott for hosting a lovely theme and hard-working Fred for keeping the best cocktail party on the 'net alive and thriving!