Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ombudsman's Report 1

In the spirit of Bastille Day, and circumventing lack of accountability before it gets to the guillotine stage (I hope..), Feu de Vie brings you its first Ombudsman Report. [This report is going to be an occasional feature on the blog, simply as a means of housekeeping/commenting on dangling threads due to changed expectations, etc..]

Ombudsman: Did you know the PLCB has completely discontinued sales of Rosangel in the state?

MoD: Oops. Welp, there goes Everything's Coming Up Roses and The Rose. Or, well, the recipes can still be done, Rosangel is still sold elsewhere, but it'll be tough for PA denizens unless they go to another state.

Of all the timing, however, there may be a workaround emerging (and hopefully going wider soon). I plan to play around on this issue, both with the above-mentioned item and with a straight jamaica-tequila infusion (dried hibiscus blossoms, that is). Sorel could potentially be an improvement on the Rosangel/sloe gin combo in The Rose and I want to see if a Sorel spin on Everything's Coming Up Roses works out, as I think @TheLiquortarian may like that one, though I can't commit until I have actual results for either.

Ombudsman: Which brings us to that commitment you made in The Rose..

MoD: About the Rose Margaritas? Yeah, a few things on that:
  1. Doing a little research on the cocktail name, if you want Rose Margaritas may I suggest the Roses Margarita at Tequilas in Philadelphia? [for posterity, in case the menu/link changes: Siembra Azul Blanco infused with roses, Fresh Lime, Rose Petals, and St. Germain] That deserves the name way more than one with Rosangel. Thus, were I to do a simple fun 'rita with Rosangel, I'd call it an Hibiscus Margarita.
  2. [Ombudsman: And this Hibiscus Margarita was where on Cinco de Mayo 2012?] Flopping. I tested 2 versions, 1 with Rosangel and 1 with regular tequila and those edible hibiscus-flowers-in-juice garnishes. Neither quite turned out the way I wanted, and with my sole bottle of Rosangel down to dregs, I couldn't fine-tune. With Sorel coming out, maybe that's something I can revisit next year.

Ombudsman: And that other commitment in the Old City, New Game in Town, about a "trip downwards with the White Rabbit, just in time for Easter"?

MoD: The Advocaat special order was painfully late. But hey, I've got a full liter that'll last unopened until next year! Believe me, I have plans. For any kind of cute and fluffy newborn, it will have a cocktail next spring.

Ombudsman: You realize you managed to annoy 2 halves of your audience with one under-the-picture caption in MoD's Cachaça Old Fashioned?

MoD: I try to be equal-opportunity in many things. Having a bit of awareness about reader reaction isn't a bad thing, is it? And I'm not above tweaking if it comes from truth.

Ombudsman: AHEM Sleeping Beauty AHEM.

MoD: June was an awful awful month at work and if you were in my position you'd have a coffee IV drip too. I'd say it was poor timing on my part and a bit overbearing, except the same old pattern has emerged - so we've got a joyful running gag on Twitter again. I just wanna know how absurd we can make it now. [or, y'know, someone get @AdamsBitters an assistant, stat]

Ombudsman: Do you see yourself going that far off the deep end with the "art" portion of a post again?

MoD: The sky's the limit. Seriously, I try not to set limitations. The room to fail is an important part of growth - it teaches restraint, natch. (and as far as creative endeavors go, I expect about a 90% failure rate for this first year - I might be a little bit ahead of that..) At any rate, Art in the Age had the good sense to include the entire recipe in the description when they pinned it on Pinterest, minimizing click-through to that mess.

Ombudsman: You're on Pinterest? Why don't I know this?

MoD: Because I need to update the On Feu de Vie section - for a lot of different reasons. Upcoming, naturally.

Ombudsman: Do you have any plans to make drink recipes that are not undrinkable? Or at least can be concocted at home by people who aren't inclined to spend a mint just on out-of-state bitters orders?

MoD: *gasp* NEVER! Don't you know these drinks are ART?! You're not suppose to actually drink them, you're supposed to stare at the pictures and recipes and go "why can't I have nice things?" [I hear it's a trend..]

Ombudsman: Why don't you say such things only after you stock both basic Chartreuses and a mezcal?

MoD: You, you, meanie! Don't you know I'm saving myself for Stellina?! *storms off*

Ombudsman: That about does it for now. Readers, if you think I have missed any glaring issues, on any matter whatsoever, please feel free to add them in the comments. MoD - don't disappoint, please..