Monday, August 5, 2013

Mixology Monday LXXVI Announcement: FIRE!

Huh. So 76 editions of MxMo, and a full 12 months under the new leadership of CVS's Fred Yarm as of the start of this month's challenge. You could ask where the time went, but this past year seems quite rich for all the wild, inventive and delicious cocktail recipes on offer month after month. We have an old guard participating and anchoring us to that sense of continuity, while every month a handful of new faces rise up to answer the challenge -- many of whom are becoming old hands themselves already.

So as these Mixology Mondays and their themes accrue, it does get a little daunting choosing a fresh theme: something to invigorate the mind and tastebuds, and inspire a sense of adventure. I feel, perhaps it's only a matter of looking within, seeing if there's something you love or tickles your mind. Or there's an aspect of your blog which could offer up a new spin.

With that in mind, this here Muse of Doom is pleased to proffer the new periodic particular of peril: FIRE!

Tiki-philes have their flaming spent lime shells and scorpion bowls. Classic cocktailers have the magic of a flamed orange zest. Molecular mixologists have their Smoking Guns. (and yes, frat boys have their flaming shots.) Even brunchtime drinkers have spicy Bloody Marys.

You don't have to go full Blue Blazer, not nearly -- heck, you could go full Fireball Whiskey! (or Fire Rock Pale Ale, etc..) You could riff on the Old Flame or come up with an inventive name of your own. You could even use a good firewater or burned wine. (and if you're grilling fruit, save some for me, will ya?)

In essence, bring the heat! Bring the Fire! Bring your inspiration!

On a serious note: remember that lass in Britain who lost her stomach because the mixologists weren't in control of the dangerous elements they were using in a cocktail? Let's have none of that here, huh? There's a lot more to Fire than just the electrochemical reactions happening on the end of a lit match. Stay safe and trust your gut about what you're comfortable doing. We're all here to have fun.

Here's are the specs:
  • Find and/or develop a recipe that incorporates Fire, then post the recipe, including a photo and your remarks, on your blog or on eGullet's Spirits and Cocktails forum.
  • Include the MxMo logo in your post, plus links back to the Mixology Monday site, Feu de Vie, and the round-up post when that goes up.
  • Post a link to your submission in the comment section of this post, tweet me @MuseOfDoom, or send an email to muse at museofdoom dot com with "MxMo" in the subject.
  • Entries should be submitted by the end of Monday, August 19th*. Some late stragglers may also be accepted but no promises.
*I'm inclined to use the turn of Tuesday at the International Date Line for a final cut-off (7am EDT, to spare you a search engine hunt)

Many thanks again to Fred at Cocktail Virgin Slut for keeping MxMo alive, and to founder Paul Clarke!

Flame ON!